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Club Rules

The Club members must ensure compliance of the following rules and guidelines to facilitate smooth functioning of the club and to avoid inconvenience.


The club is open to the members and their wards as indicated This is important to follow the timing strictly and not to feel offended leaving the club facilities for others.

6.30AM - 9.30PM All Working Days
7.30AM - 10:30 AM and 4.00PM - 7.00PM All Second Saturday and Sunday

Note: Club shall remain closed for Full day on account of the Gazetted Holidays.


Full value i.e. replacement cost will be charged for all breakages and damages of club property by members, their dependents, guests or their servants; but if in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the breakages or damages were willful, up to five times the above value may be charged.


Life members can bring a local guest twice a month and outstation guest four times a month with prior information and permission of the Secretary, Faculty Club. The guest charges payable to care taker at the reception counter on the visit days shall be Rs. 20/- per head on each occasion.


It is mandatory for all the visitors including members, their wards and guests to enter the names in the register available at the Reception Counter.

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